HSBC Bank Australia Limited BSB Numbers

List of HSBC Bank Australia Limited BSB Numbers with address and branch details

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To view the full details for each branch's BSB Number, please click on the BSB Number on the rightmost column.

Exchange Centre Branch Sydney NSW 342-011
Haymarket Branch Sydney NSW 342-012
Hurstville Branch Hurstville NSW 342-015
Chatswood Branch Chatswood NSW 342-016
HSBC Bank Aust Ltd Parramatta NSW 342-017
Burwood Branch Burwood NSW 342-018
Castle Hill Branch Castle Hill NSW 342-019
Treasury Main Sydney NSW 342-048
HSBC CLS Sydney NSW 342-049
Treasury Divn Sydney NSW 342-050
HSBC Centre - 065 Sydney NSW 342-065
HSBC Centre - 066 Sydney NSW 342-066
Hornsby Lending Centre Hornsby NSW 342-075
Macquarie Branch North Ryde NSW 342-076
Maroubra Branch Maroubra NSW 342-077
Bondi Junction Branch Bondi Junction NSW 342-078
King Street Branch Sydney NSW 342-079
Town Hall Branch Sydney NSW 342-080
HSBC Ashfield Ashfield NSW 342-082
North Sydney North Sydney NSW 342-083
Canberra Canberra ACT 342-085
Direct Banking Centre Sydney NSW 342-088
Banking Operations Sydney NSW 342-089
Direct Banking Ctr - Outbound Sales Sydney NSW 342-091
Mortgage Alliances Sydney NSW 342-092
Sales Alliances Sydney NSW 342-093
Direct Banking Centre - E-Commerce Sydney NSW 342-094
Direct Banking Ctr- Insurance Group Sydney NSW 342-095
Direct Banking Ctr- Mobile Sales Sydney NSW 342-096
Direct Banking Ctr- Melb.Telesales Sydney NSW 342-097
Direct Trading Centre Sydney NSW 342-290
Virtual Account Office A Sydney NSW 342-300
Virtual Account Office B Sydney NSW 342-301
Virtual Account Office C Sydney NSW 342-302
Virtual Account Office D Sydney NSW 342-303
Virtual Account Office E Sydney NSW 342-304
Virtual Account Office G Sydney NSW 342-306
Virtual Account Office H Sydney NSW 342-307
Virtual Account Office I Sydney NSW 342-308
Virtual Account Office J Sydney NSW 342-309
Virtual Account Office K Sydney NSW 342-310
Virtual Account Office L Sydney NSW 342-311
Virtual Account Office M Sydney NSW 342-312
Virtual Account Office N Sydney NSW 342-313
Virtual Account Office O Sydney NSW 342-314
Virtual Account Office P Sydney NSW 342-315
Virtual Account Office Q Sydney NSW 342-316
Virtual Account Office R Sydney NSW 342-317
Virtual Account Office S Sydney NSW 342-318
Virtual Account Office T Sydney NSW 342-319

What is HSBC Bank Australia Limited BSB number? HSBC Bank Australia Limited BSB number is a six digit number used to identify bank branches for Australian banks. BSB numbers will be different based on the branch of the account holder. It is based on the bank account origin by state and city.
In order to find the check BSB number of the branch you are looking for, click on the BSB Number link next to the branch name. Additionally, the list of bank BSB numbers is visible on this page for easier access.