HSBC Bank Australia Limited BSB Numbers

List of HSBC Bank Australia Limited BSB Numbers with address and branch details

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To view the full details for each branch's BSB Number, please click on the BSB Number on the rightmost column.

Virtual Account Office U Sydney NSW 342-320
Virtual Account Office V Sydney NSW 342-321
Virtual Account Office X Sydney NSW 342-322
Virtual Account Office Y Sydney NSW 342-323
Virtual Account Office Z Sydney NSW 342-324
Virtual Account Office AA Sydney NSW 342-325
Virtual Account Office AB Sydney NSW 342-326
Virtual Account Office AC Sydney NSW 342-327
Virtual Account Office AD Sydney NSW 342-328
Virtual Account Office AE Sydney NSW 342-329
Virtual Account Office AF Sydney NSW 342-330
Virtual Account Office AG Sydney NSW 342-331
Virtual Account Office AH Sydney NSW 342-332
Virtual Account Office AI Sydney NSW 342-333
Virtual Account Office AJ Sydney NSW 342-334
Virtual Account Office AK Sydney NSW 342-335
Virtual Account Office AL Sydney NSW 342-336
Virtual Account Office AM Sydney NSW 342-337
Virtual Account Office AN Sydney NSW 342-338
Virtual Account Office AO Sydney NSW 342-339
Virtual Account Office AP Sydney NSW 342-340
Melbourne Main Office Melbourne VIC 343-001
Swanston Street Branch Melbourne VIC 343-002
Box Hill Branch Box Hill VIC 343-003
Glen Waverley Branch Glen Waverley VIC 343-005
South Melbourne Branch South Melbourne VIC 343-006
Chadstone Shopping Centre Chadstone VIC 343-007
Camberwell Branch Camberwell VIC 343-008
Doncaster Doncaster VIC 343-009
Brisbane Branch Brisbane QLD 344-031
Sunnybank Branch Sunnybank QLD 344-032
Gold Coast Branch Southport QLD 344-033
Adelaide Branch Adelaide SA 345-039
Perth Branch Perth WA 346-021
Garden City Branch Booragoon WA 346-022
Joondalup - WA Joondalup WA 346-023
Subiaco - WA Subiaco WA 346-025

What is HSBC Bank Australia Limited BSB number? HSBC Bank Australia Limited BSB number is a six digit number used to identify bank branches for Australian banks. BSB numbers will be different based on the branch of the account holder. It is based on the bank account origin by state and city.
In order to find the check BSB number of the branch you are looking for, click on the BSB Number link next to the branch name. Additionally, the list of bank BSB numbers is visible on this page for easier access.