Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited BSB Numbers

List of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited BSB Numbers with address and branch details

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To view the full details for each branch's BSB Number, please click on the BSB Number on the rightmost column.

Bendigo-Payroll Services Bendigo VIC 633-000
NMMC Payments Bendigo VIC 633-010
Bank Cheques Bendigo VIC 633-101
Bendigo-Warrants Bendigo VIC 633-102
Bendigo Accts Payable Bendigo VIC 633-103
Bendigo-Term Dep Bendigo VIC 633-104
Bendigo Agency Cheq Bendigo VIC 633-105
Bendigo DRA's Bendigo VIC 633-106
Bendigo Loan Repayment Bendigo VIC 633-107
Bendigo-Cust Cheque Bendigo VIC 633-108
STL-Customer Cheque Bendigo VIC 633-109
Bendigo-Br Banking Bendigo VIC 633-110
ERB-Payments Bendigo VIC 633-111
Bendigo Cheques Bendigo VIC 633-130
STL Common Fund Bendigo VIC 633-131
STL Agent Bendigo VIC 633-132
Bendigo-VSCL Counter Bendigo VIC 633-133
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited Sydney NSW 633-200
Bendigo Bank Ltd Banking Service Bendigo VIC 633-300
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited Brisbane QLD 633-400
Rural Bank Limited Bendigo VIC 633-500
ERB Bendigo VIC 633-511
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited Perth WA 633-600
Bendigo-FTS Bendigo VIC 633-603
TAS Tr Bendigo VIC 633-700
TBS Ltd Bendigo VIC 633-703

What is Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited BSB number? Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited BSB number is a six digit number used to identify bank branches for Australian banks. BSB numbers will be different based on the branch of the account holder. It is based on the bank account origin by state and city.
In order to find the check BSB number of the branch you are looking for, click on the BSB Number link next to the branch name. Additionally, the list of bank BSB numbers is visible on this page for easier access.